This activity, called Art Workshop, is developed as a recreational Art Therapy. It is aimed at all audiences, but because of the close relationship between Josep Puigmartí and the hotel where he lives, the Hotel Estela Barcelona - Art Hotel in Sitges, it has been specially designed for those people who attend professional meetings and conferences in the hotel, in order that, after a hard day of business meetings, they can relax and forget for a moment the problems.
The intention is that they discover their creativity as well as their artistic side, so that they retain a good taste in their mouth at the end of their stay. The main slogan is that they come out of their shell and let their creativity fly. It would be absurd to try to paint an impressionist landscape, but it is feasible to develop their automatic gesture (like when we attend a phone call and our hand goes doodling around the piece of paper that they prepared to write down data). This is the way that surrealistic artists worked, this is called automatic painting (Josep Puigmarti, Joan Miro,...), or the way that lyric informalist artists created their abstract compositions (Hartung, Mathieu, Degottex...), by capturing their gestures in spontaneous graphisms.




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