Valdubon X 

Josep Puigmarti at the opening ceremony of the presentation of the wine Valdubon Diez, (Valdubon X), actively participating in the launch campaign for the wine, creating a large painting (200 x 200 cm) which reflects the concept of joining ideas that has served as a starting point in designing this excellent Ribera del Duero.




Eureka decided to create a special line of floors in full interaction with Puigmartí and his works. This new concept aims to offer its customers an exclusive product and, above all, personal. Just as our artist, Puigmartí, instantly decides what gesture should reflect in his new creation, the customer decides at each moment how has to be the parquet floor finish that he chooses to install in his room, home, company...


This line is marketed under the name of Puigmarti Collection by Mediterranian Wood, manufactured by Eureka. On the product logo appears Puigmarti's profile with roots (like a tree) that grow under his feet. This logo consolidates the fact that we speak about woodworking (roots) and offers a very personal artistic product (image of the artist).



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