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Josep Puigmartí has collaborated with a number of entities, such as: Aena, Arpal, Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​El Pais, Ecoembres, Ecovidrio, Rotary Club, Freixenet, among many others.


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Under this premise, the Department of Environment of AENA in collaboration with different public and private institutions and foundations, starts this initiative by placing art as a unifying common denominator, intended to emphasize the need to recycle our wastes as an essential step to improve living in our world and, consequently, to highlight the human values ​​for coexistence, such as tolerance, abolition of racism and, in general, peace among peoples.


Specially for this occasion, Josep Puigmarti has designed some containers for recycling waste. Through his paintings, he shows us his idea of ​​a better world, where characters appear in attitudes that evoke love between people.

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