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Artist | Painting and Sculpture - Nowadays he lives and works at Hotel del Arte in Sitges. 

Multifaceted, spectacular and cosmopolitan character, who is able to transform his obsessions in artistic expression and to metabolize all his rich experiences through the brushes. 




•  Born in Monistrol de Calders, Barcelona on July 25th. Son of José Puigmartí Canadell and Mercè Valls Codina. He was the oldest of five children; his siblings are Robert, Pilar, Conxita and Enric.



• This year and the next, he exhibits paintings along with his father during the Castellterçol town festival.



• He exhibits at Syra Galleries in Barcelona from June 2nd to 15th. Catalogue introduction by Sebastià Gasch. 



• He makes his first trip to Sweden, where he will live for about four months. He has a show at Böras-Jonkoping in Gothenburg.

• He makes a window display for Biodramina pills at the Rauric pharmacy, in Barcelona’s Plaza Tetuán - Passeig de Sant Joan. He wins first prize for Spanish pharmaceuticals.



• His second trip to Sweden, where he meets Catalan painter Emilio Moliner, with whom he will share a long friendship. He exhibits at the Vallingby Center in Stockholm.



• His third stay in Sweden. He exhibits at the Sture Galleriet in Stockholm.



• He exhibits at Syra Galleries in Barcelona from October 28th to November 13th. Catalogue introduction by Juan-Eduardo Cirlot



• In the month of March, he holds an exhibition along with Martin Bradley and Emilio Moliner at the Galerie Hybler in Copenhagen.



• Exhibition at the San Jorge Gallery in Madrid.



• He exhibits at the Vasastadens Konstsalong, Gothenburg, from November 6th to 20th.




• He exhibits at the Romanet Gallery, Paris, from May 14th to 30th. Catalogue introduction by Jean Dalevèze. Director of the Jean Paul Scarpita Gallery.



• He exhibits at the Sant Jordi Art Gallery in Girona, January 24th.

• He exhibits “La femme et les mosquetaires” (“The Woman and the Musketeers”) at the Romanet Gallery, Paris, from May 27th to June 18th.

• He participates with Bellmer, Bernard Buffet, Daboval, Masson and Picasso in the show entitled “Un peu d’erotisme” (“A Little Eroticism”). Galerie Romanet, April 29th to May 15th.

• He exhibits at the Galerie deu Théatre, Geneva, from May 2nd to 21st.



• He builds an erotic table for Michel Renoma.



• The Manuel Marce Gallery from Sitges presents him at ArtExpo Fair, Barcelona.

• He participates with Grau-Santos, Jacus, Spitzer, Shart and Verdier in the group show at the Galerie d’Art Matignon, Paris.



• He is invited to take part in the show entitled “Art sans Frontières XI” (“Art without Frontiers XI”) at the Galerie Isy Brachot in Brussels, from January 25th February 24th.



• He makes the lithographs “Queen of Hearts” and “Caracol” (“Snail”) for Visual Environments, Fine Art Galleries and Publishers, Tarzana.



• He makes 225 prints of the lithograph “Central Park” signed with the pseudonym "Martí"  for the Original Print Collectors Group from New York.



• He takes one of his many trips to Japan, this time to Osaka, Tokio, Matsué, Yokohama...



• He returns to Catalonia. He Sets up his residence in Sitges.



• He exhibits at the Eduma Art Gallery. Linares, Jaén, from October 8th to 30th.

• He participates in Europ’art. International Modern Art Salon. Geneva, May 5th to 9th. Presented by the Eduma Gallery, Linares.

• He participates in the Biennial Show of Contemporary Sculpture. Posthumous tribute to the sculptor Remigio Mendiburn, Hondarribia, March to May.



• He makes the poster for the 50th Vuelta Ciclista a España.

• He moves to Hotel Estela Barcelona - Art Hotel in Sitges.

• He exhibits at Cau d’Arts, Barcelona, from December 19th to January 12th, introduced by Florentino Collantes.

• He designs the illustration for the Christmas card of the Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.



• He designs the illustration for the Christmas card of the Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.

• He decorates Room 110 “Blue Dreams” with direct intervention on walls and ceiling at Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.



• He decorates Room 214 “Sunrise” with direct intervention on walls and ceiling at Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.



• He participates in “Petit format de grans firmes” (“Small Formats by Major Artists”) along with other artists such as Cuixart, Dalí, Grau Garriga, Amèlia Riera, Gerad Sala, Subirachs, Tàpies... Canals Art Gallery, December.



• Exhibition “Puigmartí Retrospective (1947-2000)” at the City Hall exhibition space of l’Escorxador, Sitges, March – April.



• Exhibition at Crédit Fousier. Monaco.

• Exhibition at Crédit Fousier. Cannes.

• He participates in group exhibition  “Encuentro con el Arte Actual” (“An Encounter with Today’s Art”) at Caja Madrid’s Obra Social, in July in Barcelona.



• Presentation of the book “Josep Puigmartí Sunrise. H214” written by art critic and historian Francesc Miralles.

• He exhibits at Hotel del Arte in Sitges, Barcelona.



• He exhibits at the René Métras Gallery in Barcelona.

• He participates in the travelling group exhibition “Visiones y Sugerencias” (“Visions and Suggestions”) in honor of Quixote, along with Josep Guinovart, Josep Grau-Garriga, Eduard Arranz-Bravo … The exhibition travels to several Spanish cities. Sitges, Madrid, etc.

• In December he exhibits 120 large format works at the Renmin Da Dao Museum in Shanghai (China)

• He donates to the Sitges Town Hall two large format paintings entitled “Alien Fashion in Sitges”.



• He donates to the Museum of Futbol Club Barcelona one large format painting entitled “Soci 333.333” (“Member no. 333.333”) in Barcelona.

• He participates in the “Acto a beneficio de la Fundación Vicente Ferrer” (“Vicente Ferrer Foundation Benefit Event”), presented by Josep Maria Cadena, along with works by Chillida, Subirachs, Aguilar Moré, Antonio López,… at the Diocesà Museum in Barcelona, from April to May.

• He exhibits at the Guangdong Museum in China. “Obras maestras del Surrealismo” (“Masterpieces of Surrealism”). 105 pieces from among his best oil paintings and sculptures until May.

• He visits the French village of Bourg-Madame, where he donates several works. June.

• He makes a sculpture for “Els cafés de Rusiñol” (Rusiñol’s Cafes) in the Year of Santiago Rusiñol. Sitges. July.

• He exhibits over 80 large format works at the Hotel H10 Andalucía Plaza in Marbella, from August to December. . He participates in “Marb Art septiembre” (“September Marb Art”) on the 2nd Marbella International Contemporary Art Fair in September.

• He participates in “Sentiment en trànsit” (“Feeling in Transit”) A tribute to Cuixart along with other artists like Modest Cuixart, Lorenzo Quinn… in Barcelona, from September to October.



• He exhibits more than 80 works at Hotel H10 Estepona.

• Exhibition of “Carnival Masks” at Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.

• One-man show at “Edifici Miramar”, Sitges.

• Exhibition “The Art of recycling” at Barcelona Airport.

• He donates one work “Alien Fashion” to the Ave Maria Foundation, Sitges.

• Permanent exhibition at the “Contemporary Art Center Puigmarti” in Bourg-Madame, France.

• He participates in Marb Art september III Fair of Contemporary Art in Marbella with Espai Miquel Gaspar.



• Exhibition at “Illums Bolighus” Copenhagen, Denmark.

• Presentation of the book “The Little Story of Josep Puigmarti” in Bourg-Madame, France.

• Exhibition at the College of Engineering of Barcelona, April.

• Exhibition of sculpture and painting at AENA's Logisitc Centre (CLASA) in Barcelona Airport


2008 - 2009

• Exhibition "Encounters with today's Art" at the Museum-Centre for Contemporary Art Conde Duque, Madrid.



• Exhibition "I have a dream" - Homage to Martin Luther King at the Carriage House Center for the Arts in Nueva York. Organized by Sitges Town Hall and the Gabarron Foundation.

• Opening Exhibition of Acento Gallery in Abu Dhabi.

• He donates a large format artwork for the International Rotary Foundation with benefits to the research of the Sindrome of Rett.

• Exhibition at the Real Círculo Artístico in Barcelona.

• Exhibition at Galeria Art al Set, Andorra.

• Exhibition “Solo Things” at Terminal T-1. Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

• Exhibition “Post-Human. Goodbye to Mankind” in International Art Fair Art-Basel, Miami – Florida - USA.



• He participates in the International Art Fair Arte Americas of Latin American Art with the Reial Cercle Artistic of Barcelona. Miami, Florida (USA).

• He creates the artwork "Discover the X" (200 x 200 cm) for the corporate image of the international presentation of the wine “Valdubón X” by Valdubón Wineries - Freixenet Group.

• Exhibition “Sustainability, Culture, Diversity, Integration and Labour Insertion” at the Commercial Mall Rivas Centro, Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid).

• He presents the artwork "Matterhorn" (200 x 200 cm.) At the Consulate of Switzerland in Barcelona. The work is chosen as the corporate image of the Swiss Tourism Agency.

• Exhibition with the sculptor Lorenzo Quinn at the Centre d'Art Contemporain Puigmarti of Bourg-Madame, France.

• He creates the sculpture "Air", commissioned by Aena (the airports management company in Spain) to be delivered as the trophy commemorating the company with the best environmental performance of the year 2010.

• Exhibition "Creative Winds" with the art group Espejo de Alicante at the Reial Cercle Artistic of Barcelona.

• Exhibition "Miradas por la Paz” (The Gazes for Peace) at Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges. Participants: Martigodi, Franchi, Raul Cruz, Julio Escribano, David Trujillo and Francis Montesinos.

• He is chosen artistic ambassador, on behalf of all the Spanish artists, to host the visit to Spain of Matt Lamb and Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Foundation.

• Decoration of an umbrella on behalf of the Ave Maria Foundation, to be delivered to Ms. Lola Mesado as ambassador of Spain for Matt Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Foundation.

• Decoration of an umbrella on behalf of Hotel Estela Barcelona – Hotel del Arte, to be delivered to Ms. Lola Mesado as ambassador of Spain for Matt Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Foundation.



• He decorates the restaurant "Can Tastet" in Sant Feliu de Codines (Barcelona), performing his paintings directly on the walls.

• Solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures within the framework of the Fair Inserciona 2011 - CCCIB (International Conference Centre from Barcelona)

• Solo exhibition of painting and sculpture at the International Convention Centre of Barcelona | March-April 2011

• He participates as host artist in the First Exhibition of the Artists of Merit of the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona at Hotel del Arte, Sitges

• He is awarded as Artist of Merit of the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona

• Solo exhibition of painting and sculpture at the Logistics Centre of Barcelona Airport (CLASA) | March-April

• He creates the bookmark that accompanies the book "Una imagen de Cine” (“An image of cinema”), written by Ramon Piqué, Victor Riverola and Josep Pons (Ed. Difusion, 2011). The book is presented at the Lawyers College of Barcelona, with the assistance of Puigmartí.

• He creates the sculpture "Dona Emprenedora" (“Entrepreneur woman”) which is given as a trophy by the Businesswomen's Association of the Garraf and Penedès (ADEG). Hotel Melia Sitges.

• Solo exhibition "Social, cultural and environmental Responsibility" in Terminal 2 at Barcelona Airport, commissioned by Aena. El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona.

• He creates the Puigmarti Square in the city of Bourg-Madame (France) with large paintings and decorated dummies.

• He exhibits his paintings and sculptures in the exhibition "Solo Things" | Social and Cultural Responsibility, organized by Trinijove Foundation in Diagonal Mar (Barcelona) during the presentation of the Barcelona Forum District.

• He participates in the exhibition organized by the Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona in the Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Marta, Colombia

• He creates 3 labels for bottles of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) “Puigmartí”. Presented at Masia Can Pi in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)

• He participates in the exhibition "Encounters with Contemporary Art" at the Edifici Miramar, Sitges.

• Jean Leon Winery (Group Torres) creates "11,250": a unique bottle using the artwork "Dual Profile" 1970 by Puigmartí as label and as corporate image of the new website of that wine.



• Jean Leon Winery chooses the artwork "León", 1993 by Puigmartí for the label of his new Gran Reserva wine with an edition of 3,296 bottles.

• The manufacturer of parquet floors, "Floover", creates a new line of floors called "Mediterranean Wood - Puigmarti Collection" for Eureka, inspired by his artworks and his gestures.

• He donates the artwork "What are you looking at?” (130 x 195 cm) to the Jorge Alio Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness in Alicante

• Opening of Termoparket - Tenuee, a new space in Barcelona (Diagonal, 506) with his paintings and sculptures on an exclusive and permanent basis.

• He receives the award to the Best Artistic Career in the biennial competition "Miradas" organized by Jorge Alió Foundation of Alicante.

• Exhibition at the Old Fish Market of Alicante where he occupies an entire room with large-scale artworks (200 cm.)

• He donates a painting to the Real Círculo Artistico de Barcelona.



• Exhibition “Miradas” organized by Fundación Jorge Alió in Centre del Carme, Valencia.

• He decorates Eureka Flooring new Showroom, Sant Sadurni d’Anoia – Barcelona

• One-man exhibition with more than 125 artworks (painting and sculpture) at the Millennium Monument Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing, China

• He donates one artwork to the China Millennium Monument Contemorary Art Museum in Beijing, becoming part of the museum’s permanent collection.

• Exhibition “Erotic Surrealism” with unseen large artworks (up to 3 m.) in Spain at Hotel del Arte, Sitges (Barcelona)

• He takes part in the Gala and Fashion Show “The Muses of Puigmarti and Francis Montesinos” with the model Paola Dominguín, wearing clothes designed by the couturier Francis Mosntesinos

• Fundacio Trinijove and Puigmartí promote the realization of a solidary mural to help children and young people in need. Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar, Barcelona.

• His artwork "Qué Miras" (“What are you looking at?” - Mixed media on canvas  - 130 x 195) illustrates the cover and inside pages of the Journal of Refractive Surgery - Ophthalmology Magazine from U.S.

• Exhibition of painting and sculpture at Andorra Park Hotel in Andorra la Vella. Organized by the Art Gallery on its tenth anniversary, September. The exhibition appears on the front page of El Periodic d'Andorra, among others, and the artist is interviewed by "La Rotonda" Andorra Televisió program. November 2013.



• New website with hundreds of artworks from different periods and different collections. www.joseppuigmarti.es
• Josep Puigmarti’s Private Foundation starts its activities. From this moment on, the foundation will manage his artistic legacy. The main objective of the foundation, among others, is to spread culture in general.
• Workshop for Solidarity with Fundació Trinijove. Centre Internacional de Convencions de Barcelona (CCIB). May
• He decorates with his sculptures created with recycling materials the hall of Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar (Barcelona), in the frame of the “Week of Environment”
• Exhibition of artworks from his matter painting period (80’s & 90’s) at the Espace d’Art Contemporain Puigmarti, Bourg-madame (France)
• Foundation Puigmarti exhibits at Hotel del Arte (Sitges) 50 artworks made by 30 artists with physical and mental disabilities, in collaboration with Asociacion artistas Diversos
• In collaboration with Hotel Estela Barcelona, Foundation Puigmarti organizes the exhibition “48 hours with the essence and art of Subirachs”. This is a retrospective exhibition (150 artworks) with several conferences (with Judit Subirachs-Burgaya and Francesc Miralles), as well as other events during the whole weekend.




. In collaboration with Consorcio de Museos de la Comunitat Valenciana (Board of Museums from Valencia) and the Generalitat Valenciana (Government from Valencia), Foundation Puigmarti organizes the exhibition “Subirachs, De Principi a Fi” (Subirachs, from beginning to end) at the Centre del Carme from Valencia. Curator: Judit Subirachs-Burgaya. (Tribute to Subirachs)
. Exhibition at the Diagonal Mar Center in Barcelona. This exhibition is part of the Campaign for collecting Aluminum Cans, with the sponsorship of ARPAL. In collaboration with the Fundació Josep Puigmartí, the Trinijove Foundation and the Barcelona Forum District.
. Exhibition "Social, Cultural and Environmental Commitment" in Terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport - El Prat. It is a campaign to raise public awareness of the need to be responsible with the environment. Sponsored by Aena, ARPAL and Obra Social of La Caixa, and with the collaboration of Fundació Josep Puigmartí and Fundació Trinijove.
. Collective exhibition "A Millenaire d'Art à Bourg-Madame" at the Espace d'Art Contémporain Puigmartí in Bourg-Madame (France) on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the city.
. He donates an artwork on paper for the 7th Solidarity Dinner against Cancer organized by Fundació Vallformosa. The funds raised go to cancer research.
. He is interviewed by ERO AGENCY in relation to recycling and environment.
. He donates a work on paper for the Charity Auction "SOMETHING IS HAPPENING" to raise funds for HIV research.
. He is interviewed by the Danish magazine MyMagazine, for his 1st issue.



. He is interviewed by the journalist Robert Jacob for the culture section of his magazine Jacob's Crackers Guide.
. Through his foundation, Josep Puigmartí donates a sculpture that will be delivered as a trophy to the Women Entrepreneur of 2016, within the 7th Business Dinner organized by the ADEGP (Association of Entrepreneurs of Garraf and Penedés). The prize is presented and delivered by the Honorable President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Mr. Carles Puigdemont.




. Exhibition of recent works on paper at Sala Iris Gallery. Sitges.
. Fundacio Puigmarti donates the sculpture “Dona emprenedora” (entrepreneur woman), as prize to the Entrepreneur Woman of 2017, delivered by the Federation of Entrepreneurs from Garraf and Penedes (FEGP).
. Opening and exhibition of painting and sculptures at the Mediatheque of Bourg-madame Town Hall, France.



. Exhibition of paintings at Salon Cosmos from Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges.
. Fundacio Puigmarti publishes a new book of the artist. Written by the critic and historian Francesc Miralles, and entitled “Josep Puigmartí. The freedom of surrealism”.
. Fundacio Puigmarti donates the sculpture “Dona emprenedora” (entrepreneur woman), as prize to the Entrepreneur Woman of 2018, delivered by the Federation of Entrepreneurs from Garraf and Penedes (FEGP).
. He decorates the inner courtyard and the reception of the building located in Av. General Mitre 105 - 08022 Barcelona, with the sculpture of 2 m. high, "Alien fashion" (2006 - Ref .: PE060001), made with recycled wood and the painting "White Profile", 2007 (Ref .: PT070190) of 130 x 97 cm. The intention is to make the residents aware of the need to recycle their waste.
. His work "Big Bang Pearl", 2010 (Ref .: PT100017) is selected to appear in the German film "Passenger 23", based on Sebastian Fitzek's novel and directed by Karl Krings.
. He decorates the showroom of the real estate company Donacasa in its facilities in Vilanova i la Geltrú.
. He publishes a serial work on canvas, with an edition of 20 copies plus 10 H.C. The edited work is "Figuració Singular", 1997 (Ref .: PT970836).
. He participates as a jury in the European Ecostep project, which rewards the work of different groups of young people from 5 countries. Participants must create a design product with recycled materials.
. Fundacio Puigmarti donates the work on paper PP150845 to the Fundació Ave Maria from Sitges. The work is used for the label and cap of the bottles of the solidarity cava that each year presents the mentioned entity. The benefits obtained from the sale of this solidarity cava are used to fulfill the social purposes of the Ave Maria Foundation in favour of people with intellectual disabilities.
. Exhibition in Bourg-madame organized by the city council, for the Hix Music Festival.




. Fundacio Puigmarti donates the sculpture “Dona emprenedora” (entrepreneur woman), as prize to the Entrepreneur Woman of 2018, delivered by the Federation of Entrepreneurs from Garraf and Penedes (FEGP).
. Fundacio Puigmarti collaborates in the anthological exhibition of the sculptor Antonio Violano, held in March-April at the Hotel del Arte from Sitges.
. The official presentation of the solidarity cava of the Fundació Ave Maria is held at the Hotel Estela Barcelona from Sitges. The label and cap of the bottles of cava shows the artwork donated by Puigmarti.
. He participates in a collective exhibition at the Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, organized by the Reial Cercle Artístic | Institut Barcelonès d'Art, coinciding with the opera "Tosca". The exhibited artwork is "Big Bang Pearl", 2014 (100 x 81 cm, Ref .: PT140368).
Hotel del Arte, Sitges




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